How to Focus

How to Focus – an Effective, Pragmatic and Repeatable Approach to Cognitive Enhancement

How to FocusFor over a year I have been trying to find the answer to the question and develop a pragmatic approach to consistently deliver an effective level of focus for a sustained period of time.

Although from my research, I have concluded there is no magic bullet. However – if a base-line level of understanding of where focus comes from and what it actually is, is combined with an effective approach to support this understanding the results may astonish you (they astonished me!)

When your brain focuses on something, what it is actually doing is directing resources and blood flow to the required region of the brain. In order to support the brain’s ability to do this, there must be multiple criteria met; one of the most important is theĀ  optimal balance of neurotransmitters. If these levels are out of balance, your brain will not be able to effectively focus. There are multiple ways to achieve this. I have listed some applicable methods below:

  • Supplements
  • Strategies & Mind-sets
    • Applying the correct strategies (such as goal setting strategies, among others) will benefit your brain enormously and enable you to operate with peak levels of focus and concentration!
    • This is because strategies and mind sets changes the way you, and your brain, approaches tasks. Taking on tasks from a different angle will, in turn, make you and your brain to also take a different approach – changing the results.

The goal of taking supplements is to restore balance to your brain chemistry (provide your brain, and subsequently your body, with the precursors it needs to synthesise signalling chemicals – neurotransmitters, hormones, etc). Supplements are used in addition to a healthy diet – the supplements support the healthy diet, not the other way around! However in saying that, because you have a healthy diet does not mean that supplements will be ineffective. For example, if you are a personal that naturally struggles with focus and concentration, or your daily tasks require more of you than what you are currently able to provide then supplements will most definitely benefit you in this regard by providing support to your body enabling you to be at your best, natural potential. To learn more about supplements, make sure to read this article I wrote, then return to read the remainder of the article.

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Strategies & Mind-Sets

When referring to strategies and mind-sets, it is important to mention that these alone, will enhance your productivity! When used in conjunction with supplements (as discussed above), the results will be exponential. I personally find mind-sets extraordinarily effective at defeating procrastination, and other mental blocking issues.

One of the mind-sets I use the most, and is personally one of my most valuable is the ‘3 second rule‘. What this rule is all about, is starting something within 3 seconds of thinking of it. Why 3 seconds? What is this magic number? The reason it’s the 3 second rule is because it takes approximately 3-5 seconds for your higher level cognition to kick in, and provide you reasons not to do something… for example; ‘too much effort’, ‘I can’t be bothered’, ‘netflix is much more attractive’, you know the rest ;). This is an active effort at first to exercise this rule, but once you employ this strategy, you will find yourself already 3x fold more productive!

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